All Weather Family Fun on Caravan Holiday Parks

31st October 2015 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park

If you take a UK caravan holiday in winter with the kids they may not be able to participate in many of the activities available in the summer.  Planning for bad weather is a great idea since all parents know the trauma of bored and dissatisfied children. Here are some great things to do in and around caravan holiday parks in the rain or other inclement weather conditions.

  1. Join the dots and colouring books

Take some of these inexpensive books with you when you rent a caravan, together with crayons and felt tip pens if you have young children. You could also take some drawing paper and get them to demonstrate their creative, artistic talent.

  1. Go on a nature walk

Make sure you have wellies and umbrellas and make it an educational trip. You can point out plants and get the children to learn their names. If you see birds or wildlife they might want to make a note of what they have seen and then when you get back to the caravan, they can write a story about their trip.

  1. Visit the local area

Since you are away from home, exploring nearby market towns and small villages will teach the children how different, rural or coastal communities lead their lives.  Search the net for family orientated pubs and restaurants where you can settle down and “people watch”. Make sure you don’t stare though!

  1. Go Fishing

Dedicated fisherman will go out in all weathers to catch fish. Check with your holiday park where you are allowed to fish and whether you need a licence. The chances are you will need one and they can be obtained from the Post Office. Children under 12 don’t need one; adults can purchase a licence for under £10.

  1. Play Board Games
    Take your children’s focus off their phones, Xboxes and other electronic gadgetry by playing board games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Snakes and Ladders. Usually, there will be some board games or puzzles in caravans for rent but don’t rely on it. Either check with the owner or take some with you.

Some caravan holiday parks provide entertainment for children and adults all year round and you can find out about this before you rent a caravan. However, quality time spent with the family on a caravan holiday, inside the caravan can be a great deal of fun for everyone.

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