Benefits of Buying Static Caravans on Site

21st November 2016 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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If you’re thinking about purchasing a UK holiday home this year buying static caravans on site has significant advantages.

Whether you are considering new static caravans for sale or want to buy a caravan that is used, it’s important to get the location right. The best way to do this is trying to rent the caravan that is for sale for a short break or holiday.

Take a break on the Holiday Park of your choice

Naturally, you can take a tour of the holiday park but you can learn much more on a break than in just an hour or so. It’s a good idea to take the break in peak season. This is because there will be many owners on a site that you can interact with. More importantly, you can ask questions and get answers from people who have first-hand experience. Their knowledge of park amenities and facilities will be invaluable to your decision-making process.

In peak season holiday parks are at their busiest.  You will be able to see the types of people who frequent the park. Are they people who you will get on with? You will also be able to ascertain the noise level in the park. Is the caravan you are considering too near the club house where live entertainment may go on into the early hours of the morning?

Is your chosen caravan too near children’s play areas? Will the noise affect your enjoyment of the holiday home?

Does the caravan Holiday Park have all you need?

When you have actively experienced everything the park has to offer you can establish whether it is enough for your needs.  Some people like to be on parks that are quiet but within a short distance of local amenities. Others prefer parks that have so much available there is no need to leave the site. People with children will want to know what the park’s offer in the way of children’s clubs. Being able to take a break away from the kids can be important for parents who want to have some quality time together. Holiday Parks with kids clubs allow parents to do their own thing for a few hours knowing the children are safe and entertained.

Take a break in the caravan you intend to purchase

Staying in the static caravan you want to buy will allow you to assess whether it has everything you need. If it doesn’t and you would like to add some extras, such as central heating or air conditioning, you can find out the cost before committing to a purchase. You might want to add some decking or a garden shed in which to keep your gardening tools.

Buying static caravans on site at Whitehouse Leisure Park

Whitehouse Leisure Park is a family orientated static caravan holiday park in North Wales, where families can enjoy a full adventure experience. Buying static caravans on site here is easy. We have new static caravans for sale as well as used. They range from £8,995 to the “sky is the limit” depending on the level of luxury you require.  Check out our inventory or if you are in the area, do call in for a coffee and a chat.

Check out our inventory or call in for a coffee and a chat if you are in the area.