Flooding Brings Home the Importance of Caravan Insurance

30th December 2015 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park

Luckily at Whitehouse Leisure Park, we were not affected by the recent floods in North Wales but it certainly brings home the importance of static caravan insurance. Caravan owners are well aware of the joy of owning a holiday home in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK and usually, calamities are few and far between. However, it’s essential that your caravan is protected against the elements in the same way as you would insure your main residence.

The correct insurance policy ensures that if there is storm or flood damage you will be compensated for the damage incurred and here are some factors to take into consideration when choosing which provider to insure your caravan with.

What does the policy cover?

Most importantly, your caravan insurance policy should cover storm, flood and fire damage as well as that caused by falling trees.

A good insurance policy should cover damage to the structure of your static caravan as well as to the pitch it is sited on.

In the event that the holiday home is damaged beyond repair, does the insurance policy include cover for removing the debris? If not, you could end up with a caravan that you can’t use and the costs of removing it from the site.

If you were staying in the caravan at the time the damage occurred, will your policy cover the costs of alternative emergency accommodation such as a B&B or hotel?

Will your insurance policy provide “new for old”? This means that if you need to replace the caravan you will be compensated to the value of what it would cost to purchase a comparable new static holiday home.

If the caravan is left without electricity for an extended period of time will your insurance policy cover the cost of lost food from your freezer?

Will you be compensated for water damage to your possessions?

What excess will you have to pay?

Naturally, there is a myriad of other considerations in terms of caravan insurance policies and what they cover, but the above items are essential in the event of natural disasters.  Make sure they are included before you decide to renew or replace your existing policy.

Look for specialist static Caravan Insurance Providers

By far the best way to ensure you are covered for everything caravan related is to choose a policy from a specialist static caravan insurance provider. At Whitehouse Leisure Park we can point you in the right direction or alternatively make a relevant search on the internet. Flooding may never occur but if it does, the cover will give you peace of mind.

If you are considering buying a static caravan in North Wales this year look out for deals on caravan insurance.