How to Lose Weight on a Static Caravan Holiday

21st August 2017 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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You may not believe that going on a Static Caravan holiday, or indeed any holiday is an ideal scenario for losing weight but read on.

It is a fact of modern-day living that obesity is becoming a huge, worldwide problem.  According to the World Health Organisation, a number of overweight adults in the world will reach 2.3 billion in this year and of that overall number, over 700 million will be defined as obese.

Medical Problems

Obesity brings with it a myriad of other medical problems including a resistance to insulin, Type 11 diabetes, some cancers, sleep apnoea, high risk of coronary heart disease and degenerative joint disease to name a just a few.

It has only been in the last few years that statistics have been available since obesity is very much a problem of the modern-day world.  However, statistics from 2005 yielded such startling results that governments of various countries have started to take an active interest in it.  There were 400 million obese people at that time with 1.6 billion adults overweight.

On a Static Caravan holiday, you can eat fresh, home cooked food

The probable causes lie in the convenience and availability of fast food, the fact that we have for many years used motorised transport, the sheer volume of labour saving devices that most modern homes have and a number of jobs where people spend so many hours in sedentary positions.

However, when you go on a Static Caravan holiday, you will normally be in a Holiday Park with self-catering accommodation in the form of the caravan. A family Holiday Park provides a myriad of fun activities and while you are enjoying participating in them, you are burning off calories.  Swimming, golf, Zorbs, climbing and walking among many other things will burn calories.

It’s a fact that many people who work long hours just don’t have the time to cook fresh food and often rely on the local takeaway as the route to a quick meal. But when you are on a Static Caravan holiday, especially on the coast you can buy fresh fish and other fresh produce and practice your culinary skills. Modern caravans are equipped with fully fitted kitchen with all the utensils you need to produce healthy, home-cooked meals.

Barbecuing meat releases much of the fat and in the summer you will probably want a salad accompaniment rather than chips. But even if you indulge in the odd ice cream or pudding if you are playing sports, out and about walking or swimming you can burn off far more calories than you would at home.

Compete with other holidaymakers

Healthy eating, dieting and exercise TV programmes are becoming more frequent some of which focus on placing overweight people in a competition to see who can lose the most weight.  You could involve other people from the beginning of your caravan holiday to see how much weight you have all lost by the end of the break.

A reasonable level of exercise together with a nutritious, healthy diet and will help you to lose weight at a pace that maintains your overall health. And what better place to begin your weight loss program than on a Static Caravan Holiday Park; perhaps involving other holidaymakers to add a little competition!