Static Caravan Bathroom Tips

1st May 2017 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park

Continuing with our focus on how Caravan Owners can make sure their guests are happy we now move onto the Static Caravan bathroom tips. This is one of the most complained about rooms in Static Caravans and the vast majority of complaints are about cleanliness. It is vital that bathrooms are gleaming when holidaymakers arrive!

WC and accessories
Whilst it isn’t essential to provide toilet paper, it’s a good idea to supply at least one. If guests have had a long journey and need to use the loo, a lack of toilet paper will not make them very happy! Make sure the toilet brush is clean – a good idea is to place a little bleach in the toilet brush holder. This is an item that always needs to be checked when a guest leaves so that it’s clean for the next rental. Keeping a spare handy is a good idea.

Disposable shower mats are cheap, you can buy them online and they are a much better idea than material ones. If you consider how many people will stand on them and the various foot problems like verrucae and athlete’s foot it’s not difficult to see why guests prefer not to get them!

Avoid holders for soap and toothbrushes, they are difficult to clean and prone to breakage. You might want to supply some liquid soap in a disposable container.

Whilst many people do have rubbish bins in their bathrooms at home the caravan bathroom doesn’t need one. It’s yet another item that will need to be checked, emptied and cleaned when the guests leave. A small plastic bin liner, without the bin, will suffice.

Emergency supplies
There are some things that you can supply which will gain you some brownie points and enhance the possibility of you getting a good review. These included providing sanitary products, soap and disposable toothbrushes. Not essential but a nice touch in the Static Caravan bathroom for emergencies. You would be surprised how many people forget to pack their toothbrushes!