Top Fitness Tips from Whitehouse Leisure Park

9th April 2016 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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It’s difficult to believe that going on holiday, especially to a static caravan in North Wales, can present the ideal opportunity to kick start your fitness regime with these fitness tips. Are you ready to take on a new fitness challenge? Maybe you want to increase your strength or run a 5km marathon. Whichever option you choose from our Whitehouse Leisure Park top tips, you will be improving your cardiovascular fitness, increasing your energy levels and you will feel better about yourself.

NHS guidelines suggest that to improve health or stay healthy, adults are required to carry out 2 types of activity each week; strength and aerobic exercises. They advise that adults aged 19-64 should do a minimum of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, plus strength exercises to work your various muscles for at least 2 days per week.

Walking around Whitehouse Leisure Park

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get more active; it’s free and simple to do, with the added bonus that you become healthier and lose weight. The location of White House Park is ideally situated being close to abundant countryside and stunning sandy beaches, where you can easily walk for miles, mainly on level ground. There are many public footpaths and walking routes and the only equipment you really need is a decent pair of walking boots or comfy trainers.


Regular cycling may reduce the risk of chronic illness such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also has the advantage of keeping your weight under control and boosting your mood. There are many documented cycle routes around Towyn with paths and promenades suitable for cycles. The National Cycle network operates a car-free route through Pensarn and Kinmel Bay which is totally flat apart from one small hilly area at Llandudlas. If you don’t have your own, why not hire a bike from Rhyl Harbour to test it out before investing in one?

Rock climbing

An increasing amount of people, searching for new fitness experiences, have begun rock climbing. Despite it initially being known as an athletic challenge you don’t need to be strong and fit to rock climb; although the more experienced you become, the fitter and stronger you will feel.  Your holiday home at White House Leisure Park is ideally placed near to the mountainous range of Snowdonia, which offers many challenges for both novices and experienced rock climbers.


Swimming is an effective form of exercise which people of all ages can take part in, regardless of your ability. A 30-minute session once or twice a week at the pool will contribute to your weekly fitness requirements. You will find swimming pools at both Conwy and Llandudno Leisure Centres, whilst there are also several water parks in the region that the family can enjoy too.


Whether you like to tango, Ceroc, tap, jive or jump, dancing is an enjoyable way to increase your fitness level.  Regular dancing is fantastic for beating stress, increasing coordination and balance, improving muscle strength and posture and to help to lose weight. You don’t need to travel far; come along to Whitehouse Leisure Park Disco night at our Family Show Lounge and shake your booty!

These are our fitness tips to help you on your way to fantastic fitness, but any improvement in what you currently do is good. Even small changes can make a difference to your health and leave you feeling great.