Volunteers Needed for Clean Coast Week in North Wales

30th April 2015 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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If you like the beach and are staying in your Static Caravan in North Wales between 8 and 17 May 2015, why not give Keep Wales Tidy a hand during Clean Coast Week which is being supported by McDonald’s?

Clean Europe Week is happening at the same time and this is the 3rd year that North Wales has organised the cleaning of its coastlines.  Lots of volunteers come along including staff from McDonald’s, various local businesses, schoolchildren and community groups.

Clean beaches attract more tourism
It’s a great initiative because Wales relies on the cleanliness of its sea and beaches to attract thousands of tourists, many of whom return year on year.

More than 5,000 volunteers participated last year and collected in excess of 5,000 bags of rubbish so it was a good effort put in by all.

It’s not all hard work either, because if you are familiar with beach combing you can combine this marvellous activity with your litter collecting. You don’t need metal detector just good eyesight!

Interesting things that have been washed up on beaches
Many people collect shells and pebbles from the beach but before you take pebbles you need to check that you are allowed to do so. Some beaches in the UK have restrictions and even bans on taking pebbles. However, much more exciting things have been found on the beaches.

For example, one person in Cornwall has been collecting pieces of Lego, plastic daisies, miniature cutlasses, flippers among other things since 1997. A ship lost more than 60 containers of Lego overboard when a massive wave hit it off Land’s End.  Each container had in excess of 4 million pieces and they continue to be washed up to this day.

In Llyn, North Wales bottles of scotch that are more than 100 years old have been found believed to be from the shipwrecked “Stuart” that met its demise in 1901. These bottles are still being found from time to time.

On other beaches around the world Nike trainers, bags of Doritos, WW2 love letters, kilos of cocaine and messages in bottles have all been washed up at various times. Note – if you find cocaine call the police!

Want to help on Clean Coast Week?
So whilst picking up litter might not be something you would ordinarily volunteer for, it can be an exciting adventure of beachcombing too where you never know what treasures you could find.

If you would like to help click on Keep Wales Tidy for more information or email  events@keepwalestidy.org.