Owners Guide to Private subletting

We are looking forward to welcoming holiday guests back to our parks. If you are an owner who privately sublets, we wanted to pass over important information to you to help keep everyone safe.  

We’ve introduced a new contactless arrival process so we can manage all our arrivals of owners and guests (including private Holiday Makers) safely. To ensure this is a smooth process, you will be asked to complete the Guest Registrations form to let us know your guests are arriving.

Pre-registering your guests

By pre-registering, this will allow your guest to arrive on park and get to your holiday home quickly. The information you’ll need to provide will include the details of your guests, arrival and departure  details and their car registration. Please ensure you have registered your guests at least 48 hours before arrival. You should follow all current government guidance.

Please note:  All guests staying directly with the park are being asked to supply the same information as above and the information collected will only be used in conjunction with our new arrival process and to ensure we are safe and compliant

Arrival process

We ask all our holiday guests and owners to please not travel to the park if they or a member of the household are feeling unwell or are displaying any of the Coronavirus symptoms.

We have developed a quicker new arrival process for all holiday guests so we can maintain social distancing guidelines. When you have pre-registered your guests and provided their car registration, on arrival to the park your guest will be able to access the park through the access barrier at the main entrance, the barrier will lift automatically on recognition of their number plate which you will have provided to the park.

How to get your holiday home keys to your guest

As our check-in process has changed to a contactless system we will be unable to provide our normal key handling service during this time.

Kerbside Check-in Service 

(Available from 18th July 2020 between 3pm to 5pm throughout July  and August)

Following their arrival onto the park through the access barrier, please advise your guests to following the check – in road making or signage directing the customers to the park Reception.

On arrival to the Reception your guest should remain in their vehicle and call the park to check-in on 01745 833 048 option 3. A member of our team will then assist your guest and check them in over the telephone. Our team will confirm their arrival details and provide further information. The key and check – in pack will then be delivered to your guests car.

Our Team member will maintain social distancing at all times and will wear appropriate  PPE throughout the check – in process. Further information is available by following the links from the private letting information email.

Alternative Key handling

Alternatively, you may consider installing a key safe at your holiday home. Please ensure that your guest has the code for the key box before their arrival on park or for your cleaners to handle to key release while maintaining social distancing at all times.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the park, who will be happy to assist.

Returning to your holiday home

Before you decide to let your caravan, please ensure that the caravan has been suitably prepared, cleaned follow all current government guidance and inspected following the reopening of the park before allowing a guest to stay at your holiday home. We recommend that you also follow the steps on returning to your holiday home outlined in the reopening guide for owners.

Private Contractors

Any contractor employed by you to provide services in connection with your holiday home, such as cleaning or maintenance, must be approved by us before they work on the park and register with us so we hold the appropriate paperwork such as insurances. Any unapproved contractor attempting to work on the park will be turned away.

If you use a contract cleaner, they must pre-register with the park, this can be done by emailing the park. The information the park will need from your contract cleaners is:

Name of person attending the park

Contact details

Insurance documents

Availability and use of disinfectant

Revised Personal Hygiene Levels.

Clear communications on any illness, symptoms, or contact with others who may be affected by Coronavirus.

Where they plan to go while they are on park and at what times.

In the event of a Coronavirus case in your holiday home

If any of your guests either develop symptoms or suspect they may have Coronavirus whilst on holiday with us they must contact the park immediately, they  will need to cut their break short and return home as soon as its self to do so, in line with Government guidelines. The holiday home will need to be left for 72 hours and deep cleaned follow Government Guidelines before any further guests can use the caravan. The park will be adopting this process across all their caravans and for further details or queries relating how to ensure this is carried out please contact the park.

Important information

When letting your holiday you should follow all Welsh government guidance including on social distancing, hygiene measures and letting of accommodation.

It is your duty to ensure that you have provided all relevant guidance and information to your guest, in advance of their arrival.

Helpful Check list before your guests arrive

    • Pre-register your guests by completing guest registration form
    • Provide clear instructions on what to do when they arrive on park so they can check-in and make their way to your holiday home
    • Remind your guests not to travel to our park if any of the party or members of the household are feeling unwell or are displaying any of the Coronavirus symptoms
    • As the owner, please remember, you are still responsible for your holiday guests and the cleanliness of your caravan.
      • You’ll need to let your guests know:
    • What facilities are currently available at the park
    • The parks address details
    • Remind all guests to follow all current Welsh Government guidance and instructions given by the park
    • The location and number of your holiday home
    • Details of how to find your holiday home including a map of the park
    • How to get the keys for your holiday home, including the key safe code if you are using a key safe
    1. Who to contact and how if they have a query while in your holiday home
    2. Ensure you holiday home is cleaned to the standards set out in this booklet and where you use a contract cleaner they have provided and signed the necessary paperwork

Any Questions

We appreciate we are living in challenging times and you may have some questions in respect of your holiday home and the processes we are following to ensure that everyone can enjoy staying at our park. Our team on park will be delighted to help so please email opteam@sfparks.co.uk

Thank you for your support and cooperation.