The Difference Between Touring and Static Caravans

27th May 2017 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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Talk to people about the difference between touring and static caravans and you’ll be quite surprised at just how much confusion there is. There is a world of difference in the quality of the caravans and indeed the holiday experience.

Static Caravans

The belief by many that a holiday home is merely static caravans without wheels. They are delivered on wheels and that’s where the similarity ends. There is no need for them to be towed or regularly moved, construction materials can be heavier and thus stronger and warmer.

Further, greater consideration can be given to insulation. Again with no weight penalty, insulating materials can be far denser, making for a very warm home.

Windows have frames as do doors. Toilets are connected directly to the mains, unlike tpuring caravan toilets which have to be emptied regularly. Mains water is routine as can be lashings of hot water, available 24 hours per day. The finishing of the average static home is far superior to a touring caravan simply because the use is different.

Many static homes are situated in parklands and their interiors border on the luxurious. Able to sleep up to eight people, static caravans are ideal for holidays or entertaining friends.  Unlike their distant cousins, the touring caravan, they are as functional in winter as they are on the hottest summer days.

Touring Caravans

By virtue of the fact that touring caravans are designed to be mobile and towed with an average vehicle, great consideration has to be given to the weight which needs to be as light as possible.

This can only be achieved by using certain materials which must be both strong and light.  In the main, two materials figure prominently – aluminium for the shell and various types of plastics for the inside. Other materials required in the construction may not be light at all. An example of this is the caravans steel chassis and the very strong safety glass windows.

Moving around or remaining static

There will always be people who love the call of the open road, towing their caravan behind them but it’s not difficult to have the best of both worlds if you own a static caravan. For example, if you buy a caravan and pitch it in your favourite place in the UK you can spend some of your holidays and weekend breaks there. The remainder of the time you can rent it out. Some of the money you make can go toward your holiday home maintenance costs and some of it on renting a caravan on another park if you feel like a change of location for your next holiday.

Impact on the environment

On balance, static caravan ownership is a lot less hassle than touring and it’s also much more environmentally friendly.  A car towing a heavyweight will consume more fuel, whereas static caravans don’t consume any other than electricity and sometimes gas.

So if you feel like lowering your carbon footprint trade in your touring caravan for what by comparison is a luxury holiday home. You can view our new and used Static Caravans for sale and we are always here to answer any questions you might have.