Snowdonia National Park River Walks

5th July 2022 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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Wales is a beautiful country to visit, and it has so much to see. But one of the best parts about Wales is when you’re immersed in nature there. So today we’re going to be discussing some great walks you can take in North Wales in order to fully enjoy the benefits of being in this naturally stunning country.


Snowdon via Llanberis Path

This trail is considered quite challenging, so be prepared for a tough and yet rewarding journey. It is a 15km long trail out-and-back, typically takes about 6 hours to complete, and you will gain 980m (3,215ft) of elevation.

It’s open all-year around, allows dogs, and you can either hike, backpack, or take your mountain bike up the trail.

This is a great trail with fantastic views but has some steep spots and the halfway house includes no toilets so keep that in mind. This is not for the faint of heart or the average day-walker. Be prepared for the rocky terrain, lack of services and intense elevation.


Snowdon via Miner’s Track and Pyg Circular

Unlike the previous trail, this one is a loop trail and will take about 5 hours on average to complete. It’s about 5.5km long and is also quite challenging trail to take on, so be aware of its difficulty. Additionally, the elevation gain is quite large, 789m (2,588ft) on this walk as well.

Hiking or walking up this challenging trail will be well worth it once you’re at the top, the views from so high are unparalleled. But exercise caution when you get to the Bwlch Glas section of the trail, it’s the trickiest part.

Many of the people who have hiked the trail agree on the fact that you should go up the Pyg trail and down the Miner’s trail. They also agree that the views are stunning throughout the entire thing.


Snowdon via Watkin Path and Rhyd Ddu Path

This is one of the longer hikes that we’ll mention today, and also one of the most challenging. It’s a loop trail that should take about 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete, or in distance travelled, it’s about 8.3 miles long.

Campers, hikers, and bird watchers all find this trail to be one of their favourites, so it draws a variety of people. And it is open at all times of the year, furthermore you can bring your dog along to this trail just bring a leash. 

The reviews all agree that although this trail is challenging, the result is worth it. And if you have any hiking experience, you’ll probably enjoy this path.


Llyn Idwal Circular

More suited to beginner hikers than some of the previous options, this moderately difficult trail should take 2 hours or less to complete. It’s a loop trail that ends up being about 3 miles and will raise your elevation about 254m (833ft) at its peak. This site is world famous for its rock formations and its rare and fragile plant life so there will be plenty to photograph along the way.

Birding, fishing, and hiking are the main draws for this trail. Dogs are welcome but may fun the steep terrain difficult in some places. They’re allowed off lead in some areas though, which is a perk.


Pen-y-Pass and Yr Wyddfa Circular

Our final trail suggestion will be a 12km loop trail with an elevation gain of 805m (2,641ft). The whole trail will take about 5 hours to complete and is generally regarded as a challenging trail to hike.

Birding, camping, and hiking are all acceptable on this trail; dogs on leads are as well. April through September are the best months to hike this trail if you do want to try the challenge as other times might get squelchy and wet.

This trail can get cold and windy with a real possibility of rain so pack accordingly. Loose rock is common so make sure to wear proper footwear and watch your footing.


Hopefully you have enjoyed these brief descriptions of what we believe to be the best river hiking trails available in Northern Wales and are ready to get packed up and ready to hit the trails this summer. With the breath taking views and different skill levels, North Wales – and Snowdonia – have something for everyone to enjoy.

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