October Mini Breaks on North Wales Caravan Parks

11th October 2021 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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Now that the children are back at school, Whitehouse Leisure Park is a bit quieter.  It’s a great time for taking mini breaks on North Wales Caravan Parks just to chill out and relax.

At this time of the year, there are some caravans to rent on our site which can be booked through our authorised letting agents, EasyLet. Alternatively, have a look on portals like Rent My Caravan where you can book with owners direct.

Owning a caravan holiday home is obviously a better option because you can just take off any time you want to. Many static caravan owners rent out their homes when they are not using them, to help with running costs. Peak periods are also the best rental slots so October tends to be a great month for personal use. 

Chill out in your caravan

Whitehouse is a family orientated, busy park but October is when people come to relax. A change of environment, particularly by the sea or in a rural setting is calming.  You might want to read a book or just hang out doing nothing much in your caravan.

Walk along the beach or rural trails

Walking is good for your health whether along the shore or in the countryside. Just getting away from city life makes you feel much more relaxed. North Wales is a perfect location for walking at your own pace, with others or alone.  If you feel adventurous you could head over to Snowdon and walk through mountain passes.  No matter where you walk in Wales, you will be amazed by the stunning scenery.  In October Autumn is setting in so everything takes on a golden copper hue.  It is truly beautiful at this time of the year.

Artists take mini breaks on North Wales Caravan Parks

Because of the vibrant autumn colours, artists often arrive for mini breaks in North Wales.  There is so much to paint in the region – countryside, mountains, lakes and the sea.

Wales has a total of 400 castles, some that are magnificently restored and others that have seen better days. Artists have painted them thousands of times and continue to do so. Whether you are an amateur or professional you will never be short of things to paint in Wales.

Finish that novel

Writers often arrive in October, to finish their novels or find the inspiration to begin one.  Many famous non-fiction and fiction authors, plus poets have found their inspiration in Wales. These include Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry winner, R S Thomas; Dylan Thomas who needs no introduction and Norwegian author Roald Dahl to name a few.

With Wifi to do your research and the peace of your surroundings in a modern, static caravan writer’s block will disappear!

If you have thought about buying a static caravan for a bolthole October is a great time to do it. There are often sales on and you can pick up some real bargains on North Wales Caravan Parks. Check out our website for new and used caravans for sale.