Smartphone Apps for Static Caravan Owners

11th August 2021 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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We currently live in an age of technology where information is at our fingertips. The majority of static holiday home owners possess a smartphone – and maybe a tablet too. Smartphone apps for static caravan owners are numerous and incredibly useful. If you don’t already have a smartphone, apps like these may be just the nudge you need to persuede you to get one. 

You probably have apps on your phone already. Maybe you shop online with an app, play games or keep up with social media accounts. 

Here are 8 useful smartphone apps for static caravan owners that we feel you’ll love:

AroundMe – this is a very useful app you can use all the time, not just when you are on holiday. If you’re visiting your holiday home in and you need to find the location of your nearest hospital, restaurant, petrol station or ATM cash machine, then this app will provide all the information you need. Enter the location you wish you find and the app will present you with the nearest location (and often many choices). When entering locations such as restaurants or cinemas, the app will also tell you how many miles you are from your current location. 

Spirit Level – There are many spirit level apps for bith iPhone and Android phones and these are one of those apps that you could use at home or away. With its “bubble level” you can guarantee that any projects you tackle while doing DIY tasks around your caravan will be spot on!

Weather – there are many weather forecast Apps, but 2 of the best are BBC Weather and UK Weather Forecast. Enter your postcode for the Caravan Park and not only will it give you detailed weather information for today, but also for the week ahead, so you can make plans for outings and activities. 

First Aid –this app is provided by the British Red Cross and is invaluable in case of an emergency; it provides simple advice and step by step instructions for minor wounds, illnesses and accidents. You can also test your skills and earn achievement badges to be shared online. 

Antenna Aligner – a very handy app for the installation and alignment of your Freeview aerial.

National Trust – find the nearest National Trust property when you are looking for day-trip ideas. Explore hundreds of places with details of events throughout the year. See what’s on, opening and closing times, and easily share your favourite places with friends and family. 

Skype – Keep in touch with friends and family while on your static caravan holiday with voice or video calling back home. 

Medisafe – There are a lot of medication reminder apps for your phone that are handy for home and away but Medisafe is my favourite. This award winning reminder app will also keep track of appointments and refills. Ranked #1 by chemists out of nearly 500 apps tested. (Only available for iOS devices)

AA App – Quickly report a breakdown, find the nearest petrol station, use the easy trip planner and when your car’s MOT, service and road tax are due. 

Both the Apple and Google Android Stores have hundreds of news, entertainment, games and other apps that can keep you and the children occupied through long car journeys and on rainy days. The majority of these Apps are also free, which is an added bonus.

Book lovers can download the Kindle App, rather than carrying your novels around with you, and if you subscribe to Sky television at home, download the SkyGo App on your tablet and watch your favourite channels while at your holiday home.

Whitehouse Leisure Park has a comprehensive range of both Used and New caravans for sale in North Wales. Why not use your smartphone or tablet to access our website and view some of these? You can find our stock details here.