St David’s Day on Caravan Parks Towyn

29th February 2016 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park

Thinking about spending St David’s Day in North Wales? For excellent, affordable self-catering accommodation on caravan parks Towyn is a great place to look.  In the Abergele and Towyn regions, there are a wealth of holiday parks catering for all types of visitor.

In this area too there will be locals and tourists alike celebrating St David’s Day in a traditional way. So if you are not Welsh how can you fit in with what is going on without looking or feeling like a complete stranger?

  1. Fly a Welsh flag somewhere on your caravan or pitch, car or bicycle.
  2. Speak in the Welsh Language (this might be difficult if you don’t know it) but here are some useful phrases for St David’s Day that will endear you to the locals:
    1. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus = Happy St David’s Day
    2. Pryd mae’r dawnsio gwerin yn dechrau? = What time does the folk dancing start?
    3. Hen Wlad fy Nhadau = Land of my fathers
    4. Pob dydd, pan dwi’n deffro, dwi’n dweud diolch i Dduw fy mod i’n Gymraeg = Every day I wake up and thank God I am Welsh
    5. Cymru am Byth = Wales forever
  3. Eat some Bara Brith which is a delicious fruit loaf that tastes a lot like Hot Cross Buns but is much better.
  4. Get a Welsh Passport Cover for your passport and flash it about without going too over the top.
  5. Wear the Rugby shirt of a Welsh Team
  6. Buy or make a daffodil buttonhole and wear it.

Equipped with all these things you can then set out on a journey walking in the footsteps of St David which could involve visiting any number of castles and cathedrals that bear his name. You will find some of these historic places by clicking here 

If you feel like singing you will not have to wander far on this day to hear one of many Welsh male voice choirs. If you join in or become emotional listening to them the locals will love you for it (unless your voice is terrible of course).

During the course of the day, you will see lots of people wandering around in traditional Welsh clothes and in particular children.  If you buy or make some Welsh cakes and offer the kids one, they will appreciate it.

St David’s Day is celebrated every year on 1st March and many people book static caravans on caravan parks Towyn area, especially for the occasion.