Taking the sting out of Caravan Holidays

11th August 2017 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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Gnats or mosquitoes can cause us great discomfort on caravan holidays in the summer, especially when we are sitting out on our verandah in the evening.   There is a huge difference between wasp and bee stings, which are caused by them injecting venom into us, and gnats that want to gorge on our blood.

The reason mosquito bites become raised and itchy is due to the anticoagulant the insects inject to prevent our blood clotting. Our bodies are allergic to the stuff hence the itching and red lumps.

No matter where you take caravan holidays in the UK there are many things readily available as home remedies that are free or very low cost as follows:

Green tea bags – take a used green tea bag and put it in the fridge until it becomes cold.  Press the teabag down on the bite and hold it there for several minutes. The coolness will relieve the itching and compounds in the tea will reduce the inflammation.

Hot Spoon –  heat a metal teaspoon under the hot tap for around one minute, then press it down on the mosquito bite for two minutes.  When you remove it, the bite won’t itch anymore and it’s unlikely it will come back; if it does repeat the procedure. The reason it works is that the anticoagulant protein that’s been injected by the insect, dies at high temperatures. You’ll still have the red bump for a couple of days but not the discomfort.

Alcohol – is an antiseptic and stops the sting becoming infected. It also burns or stings when it is applied. This sensation effectively takes over from the itching so although you still have the burning feeling, it’s not as uncomfortable as the itching.

Aspirin – crush a couple of aspirins and add a drop or two of water to mix into a paste.  Put the paste on the sting and it should stop the itching immediately.  The acetyl salicylic acid in the aspirin will take the inflammation out of the skin as it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Mouthwash – any mouthwash that contains menthol is great to dab on a sting or insect bite.  It cools the skin and reduces the itching.

Ice – put an ice cube on the sting rubbing it over and over the affected area.  This will effectively freeze the area and you won’t feel a thing.

If none of the above work put some cello-tape over the itching area because this will stop you scratching it. In this way, there is less chance of the sting becoming infected.

We take this opportunity of wishing everyone spending their summer break at Whitehouse Leisure Park this summer,  the very best of caravan holidays in the UK.