Caravan Park Reviews Launching Next Month

30th November 2015 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park

Static caravan owners, who rent out their holiday homes regularly, may be aware that online shoppers tend to look at reviews before purchasing anything. If you own a caravan on Whitehouse Leisure Park or any of the other  Abergele or Towyn caravan parks, you’ll want holidaymakers to know that they will have a fantastic time when they rent your caravan.

There are a number of sites on the internet where reviews of caravan parks North Wales can be placed and next month we will be sending you links to these sites so that you can place your own reviews on them.

Honest reviews are best, good or bad
Clearly, reviews need to be honest so if you feel there is anything that could be improved on Whitehouse Leisure, by all means, let us know. We realise that things can’t be perfect all of the time although as owners know, we do try our best and have done since we took over the park.

Good honest reviews help you make more rentals and attract referrals from happy holidaymakers to their family and friends.  And the more positive reviews a caravan park gets, the more people will want to spend their holiday on it.

What people look for in caravan park reviews
On family orientated parks facilities, amenities, activities and entertainment will be of utmost priority to couples with children, so mentioning children’s clubs is a good start. Describe the quality of facilities and amenities such as the food served in the restaurant, the live entertainment and the general atmosphere.  Other points of interest for people looking to rent a caravan, or even buy one, will include how close the park is to the beach, what activities are on offer on site and near to the site, whether the park has a hairdresser, launderette and shop.

What you love about Whitehouse Leisure Park will probably be the same things that a potential holidaymaker will love too, so think about what they are and mention them.

If you own a caravan on one of the exclusive rural retreat types, Abergele holiday parks such as you should write about the peace and quiet, the beautiful scenery and the proximity to Abergele and the beach or nature walks.  If you think about why you purchased on a country estate, and why you spend your holidays there you’ll identify what other people like you are looking for when wanting to rent a caravan or lodge.

Good reviews lead to more rentals
Positive and honest caravan park reviews will lead to more rentals for you and therefore more income, so keep an eye out for an email from us containing links of where you can place caravan park reviews next month.