Finding Money to Buy a Static Caravan or Holiday Lodge

24th December 2016 | by Whitehouse Leisure Park
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Many visitors to Whitehouse Leisure Park end up buying their own holiday home. But finding money to buy a Static Caravan or Holiday Lodge might take some ingenuity.

However, in Wales, lots of people have literally found money, invaluable items discovered on beaches and in the countryside.

You don’t have to invest in a metal detector but it helps if you do. Here are just some of the items that have already been discovered raising significant money for treasure hunters.

Medieval coins in Bronington, Wrexham

In 2012 a man with a metal detector discovered fourteen Medieval English coins close to each other in a ploughed field at Bronington. 2 were from the reign of Henry V, 4 from Edward III and 8 from Henry VI. It is speculated that the coins were hidden or lost on the farmland sometime after the mid-1400s.

The coins were sent to the National Museum Wales where tests were conducted. They were composed of 90 percent silver. The value of the coins has not been made public but Wrexham Museum showed interest in buying them. The money raised from any sale will be split equally between the landowner and finder.

13/14th-century silver brooch in Ruthin

Found on a farm, this ring (annular) brooch was discovered on a riverbank at a depth of approximately 2ft. Testing was carried out at the Wrexham Museum where it was dated circa the 1300s – 1400s.  In terms of value, it is worth a few hundred pounds.

Gold and silver mourning ring at Hawarden, Flintshire

Mourning rings can date back as far as the 1400s but the one found in Flintshire on some pasture land was from the 17th century. They were worn to remind the wearer of a deceased loved one.

The Hawarden ring was inscribed with the words ““tho ded I bee remember mee” and comprised 82 percent gold with 10 percent silver. Flintshire Museum Service showed interest in buying the ring.

Ambergris at Anglesey

Otherwise know as sperm whale vomit, a piece of Amergris weighing slightly over a kilo was found on an Anglesey beach last year. It was later sold at auction for £11,000.  Ambergris is much sought after by manufacturers of perfume, particularly in France.  It is the best material for ensuring a perfume lasts when applied to the skin. You don’t need a metal detector but a dog might be useful.  Dogs are attracted to the smell of it which is described as a combination of rotting fish and manure with a whiff of seaweed about it.  Not for people with weak stomachs we think! But when you know that its value can be more than £7,000 a kilo, it’s most definitely worth searching for!

Caravans and lodges for sale

At Whitehouse Leisure Park, you’ll always find a good selection of new and used caravans and lodges. And when you are ready to buy a static caravan or holiday lodge, we have Finance packages available on most of them. You might find treasure hunting to finance them much more fun though!